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The Issue

Today, there are around 170,000 people experiencing homelessness in London. With our world becoming more cashless, people experiencing homelessness are suffering even more to get donations to pay for their basic needs. 91% of all payments are expected to be cashless by 2028. According to our survey, only 50% of people always carry cash, and out of those carrying cash, 60% only carry notes, which means that they are less likely to donate since the average donation is £2.60. The issue is clear: people experiencing homelessness, relying heavily on cash donations to survive, are now struggling more than ever to receive donations because people do not carry cash anymore. So how can you help homeless people in London to survive despite the cashless society evolution? This is where Donate Smart steps in.

Our Mission

What We Do

With our world becoming increasingly cashless, people experiencing homelessness in London are struggling to fulfil their basic needs. Donate Smart's bracelet, equipped with RFID technology, enables those experiencing homelessness to receive cashless donations on the streets. They are then able to spend the collected money for necessities directly at supermarkets or shelters. A set percentage of the donation is redirected into long-term integration projects.

How it works

Tap your phone to the smartlet, then a web application opens. No need to download any apps. Choose the donation amount and payment method. The beneficiary will receive 96.5 percent of your donation after administration and payment provider fees. He/She will be able to pay with the smartlet at shops, shelters and pharmacies.


Donate Smart's ultimate goal is to reintegrate people experiencing homelessness into society. To do so, we are partnering with multiple charities that address different needs. People wearing our Smartlet will be directed to the most suitable charity, to get off the streets. The Smartlet will have a two-year expiry date unless this charity network is used. The rationale is that Donate Smart does not want to promote begging; we want to give people the chance for a better life.

Meet Our Team

Sophie Delacher



"After we had our first interview with a homeless person in London, it was obvious we had to try to push this project forward and help people who are often left behind in these changing times, which is the evolution into a cashless society in this case"

Maria Ensesa



“I truly believe in Donate Smart and the impact it can have on people's lives as it does not only offer a one time solution for homeless people, but it also gives them a chance to a better life.”

Geraldine Hellmann



“The intention behind creating Donate Smart perfectly matches my motivation and passion for giving something back, while using innovative techniques and analytics to ease the donation process and make it accessible to anyone at any time.”

Hanna Reim



“I'm convinced that there is a moral and ethical responsibility for us working in this field to develop digital solutions available for all, and this is why Donate Smart really represents an affair of my heart.”

Clara Cacoub



“Moving to London just made me realize that homelessness has no borders. I think I have been lucky in my life so far and, if I can, I would like to help the ones who haven't had that chance. Donate Smart is the opportunity to try and make a difference.”

Karoline Tessmann



“Donate Smart may not only counteract homelessness but also help prevent and minimize mental health risks in future. Today's digital advancements offer an enormous opportunity to integrate each and everyone as part of society.”

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